How to Download Facebook Videos Online helps you to download facebook videos online, and generate direct links to download videos from facebook, with no need of installing any facebook video downloader.

How to download Facebook videos quickly and without any softwares ?

Facebook is currently the largest, and most popular social network on the web. millions of users all over the globe are using it on a daily basis to communicate and share videos and music. but Unfortunately, do not offer options to download videos from its pages directly, and it's doing their best to keep these videos on their platform to gain more views on it.

To retrieve the valid link you can copy it by Right-click on the video's date ( Check the screenshot bellow ), and then put the link on the form above, and Then Go! for it and Enjoy your experience

download facebook videos
Pick the video's link to download facebook videos

You may also wonder how to copy the video's post link on facebook mobile App, if you cannot handle that process, here's a little help to guide you ( Check the screenshot below ) :

copy facebook post's link
Pick the link of a facebook post on mobile

You can download facebook videos to your computer or tablet instantly. All you need to do is to provide a link for a video post and you'll be able to download your facebook videos within seconds.

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