How to Download Instagram Videos online

Instagram is the most popular photo-sharing app for smartphones. focused exclusively on the picture. Lately Instagram has added a new feature which allows users to swap a 15-second video instead of limiting it functionnality in serving pictures only. It’s becomes an alternative of twitter's, with an extended video duration ( 15 seconds instead of the 5 seconds offered by Vine ). and if it happens and you wondered of how to download instagram videos, Here’s how. allows you to download instagram videos online, without installing any apps or any instagram video dowloader.

How to download a video from Instagram ?

To save instagram videos on your computer, smartphone, or any other devices, all you need to do is to provide a link for the video's post, which is the direct link to the instagram post, and to retrieve it from your instagram's news feed, all you gotta do is to right-click the post's date ( check the screenshot below ), and paste it on the form above, and Enjoy your experience with scrapvids : ) also provides other downloading services from various social networks, such as Vine, Facebook, Twitter, VK & many more, and more will come by time.

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